Uniglide lubricant

All Uniglide products are manufactured in South Africa, and exported to Australia and the USA.  We are proud to be their agents in the Western Cape.

Our most popular product from the Uniglide range is the Multispray 400ml aerosol ─ the universal ‘Tool in a Can’ with HUNDREDS of industrial, automotive, machining, marine & domestic uses.

Those uses include: as a metal-cutting fluid, an anti-spatter fluid, rifle & gun oil preservative, a penetrating oil, a long-lasting lubricant for bicycles and motorbikes, a mould lubricant & release agent, a battery terminal protector and lubricant for every kind of machine imaginable.

Multispray ─ the very best all-purpose lubricant ─ protects against corrosion, acids and the environment, and is an excellent moisture dispersant for electrical switchgear.

We also stock Uniglide’s Friction Reducing Concentrate‘Steroids for Oil’. If added to oil you save at least 5% on fuel, and increase power output by at least 4%. One product treats all types of mineral & synthetic oil.

With FRC you can reduce wear; reduce oil consumption;, reduce operating temperatures; reduce noise; reduce oxidation & corrosion; and increase engine & equipment life.


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